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Potrait of the Month: Rejay, 8 years old boy

Meet Rejay, who was eight last summer.

He looks serious in this picture, but he had an easy wide grin and a distinctive voice that carries over those of his classmates.

(C)Harry Kikstra, Used with permission, all rights reserved

Mission: To provide a home and education opportunity for unfortunate Tibetan children and seniors in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, China.

"Children have no education, no guidance and life is hard for them. We want to work together to stop the suffering for the children and to give them a better life. They do not have to be monks (or nuns). My hope is that through education, the children can have a better life, and their next generations can have better life too" - Sonam Rinpoche

"It is especially hard for an orphan to survive in rural Tibetan villages, let alone to get a basic education. Most orphans work as herders and take care of the yaks. The orphans sleep in tents and some will move from one relative home to another"

"Many Tibetan orphans are sleeping in tents at approximately 13,000 ft above sea level, which is almost the height of Mount Rainier (14,410 ft), and is higher than many Ski Resorts. Your donation money will help the Tibetan orphans out of tents and into a building where they can be warm and receive an education at the same time."

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Story from the Hearth

Children Helping Children

Stories from the Hearth, World Folk Stories -Storytelling CD, Volume 1 and 2 for ages 5 and up


Storytelling is more than entertainment.

For centuries, storytelling was the primary medium by which cultures passed on values, history, and life lessons.These stories are part of our rich ancient cultural heritage.

These wonderful CDs are collections of world folk stories from Ancient Ireland, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Russia and more.

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