Continuation Q&A with Sonam Rinpoche

The second in the series on Q&A with Sonam Rinpoche. From Compassion to Karma. This was shot in 2009 when Rinpoche graced us a visit.

Q: What is reflected in ones own karma?

Q: Does everyone have an equal chance to change karma?

Q: Is compassion, karma and happiness a circle?

Q: How does one move towards happiness?

Q: Find Permanent Happiness

Q: How does one share one's compassion with another?

Q: Can compassion lead to better karma?

Q: What is the definition of karma?

Compassion Q&A with Sonam Rinpoche

A Compassion Q&A with Sonam Rinpoche. This was shot at just before Sonam Rinpoche went back to Malaysia in 2007. This series of Q&A is about compassion.

Q: Can you give if or when you are not feeling happy?

Q: How do you generate compassion within oneself?

Q: What is the difference or similarities between karma and compassion?

Q: How do you generate compassion in others?

Q: By helping others I gain compassion, but what does that really mean?

Q: For those who is already poor or already unfortunate or even sick or handicapped, how do they develop compassion or give compassion to others?

Q: How do you choose where to apply your compassion with the time and resources you have?

Q: Is compassion a buddhism thing?

Q: How does buddhists develop compassion? Are there special shortcuts to develop compassion?

special thanks goes to Jeff, Sean and Yuko for taking time on a Sunday to furnish space and equipment to make this possible.